Past Awardees

Vladimir K. Zworykin Award

2012: Damijan Miklavcic

2009: Sune Svanberg

2006: Willem J. Kolff

Otto Schmitt Award

2012: Zhi-Pei Liang

2009: Graeme Clark

2006: Niilo Saranummi

2003: Basil S. Proimos

2000: Herman P. Schwan

James Zimmerman Prize

2014: Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur

2012: Andrei N. Matlashov

2010: Nevzat Gencer

Laura Bassi Award

The first award was given in 2015 (refer to 2015 recipient list)

John A. Hopps Distinguished Service Award

The first award was given in 2015 (refer to 2015 recipient list)

IUPESM Awards of Merit

Medical Physics: Peter Smith
Biomedical Engineering: Fumihiko Kajiya

Medical Physics: Caridad Borras
Biomedical Engineering: Joachim H. Nagel

Medical Physics: Gary Fullerton
Biomedical Engineering: William Bonfield

Medical Physics: Pedro Andreo
Biomedical Engineering: Dov Jaron

Medical Physics: Colin Orton
Biomedical Engineering: Robert Nerem

Medical Physics: Keith Boddy
Biomedical Engineering: Masao Saito

Medical Physics: Jack Cunningham
Biomedical Engineering: Robert Plonsey

From 1997 onwards, IUPESM established the Awards of Merit. It is given out to 2 outstanding individuals, one in Medical Physics and the other in Biomedical Engineering.

1994: IUPESM Honours: Rune Walstam (Sweden)
1991: IUPESM Honours: John A. Hopps (Canada)
1988: IUPESM Honours: John Mallard (UK)

Nightingale Award

Dr. Alfred Nightingale was the first Editor of the Journal of the International Federation of Medical & Biological Engineering (IFMBE), now published as Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MBEC). In his memory the Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine presents a prize, awarded every year, for the best paper in the Federation’s Journal. The prize is made in association with IFMBE.


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2011: New feature extraction approach for epileptic EEG signal detection using time-frequency distributions. (Guerrero-Mosquera C, Trigueros AM, Franco JI, Navia-Vazquez A) Med Biol Eng Comput 48:321–330, 2010

2010: Three-dimensional fibril-reinforced finite element model of articular cartilage. (LP Li, JTM Cheung, W Herzog) Med Biol Eng Comput 47: 607-615

2008: Using a short-term parameter of hart rate variability to distinguish awake from isoflurane anaesthetic states (Hui-Hsun Huang, Yi-Hui, Lee Hsiao-Lung Chan, Yong-Ping Wang, Chi-Hsiang Huang, Shou-Zen Fan), Vol 46, Oct, 2008, 977-984

2007: An effective non parametric method for globally clustering genes from expression profiles (Jingyu Hou, Wei Shi, Gang Li, Wanlei Zhou), Vol 45, Dec, 2007, 1775-1185

2006: Optimal wavelets for biomedical signal compression (Mogens Nielsen, Ernest Nlandu Kamavuako,Michael Midtgaard Andersen, Marie-Francoise Lucas, Dario Farina), Vol 44, July, 2006, 561-568

2005: Vector projection of biomagnetic fields (L A Bradshaw, A Myers, W O Richards, W Drake, J P Wikswo), Vol 43, Jan, 2005, 85-93

2004: The effects of substrate characteristics on bone cell response to the mechanical environment (Y Yang, J Magnay, L Cooling, J J Cooper, A Curtis, A J El Haj), Vol 42, (1), 2004, 22-29

2003: Development and validation of implantable sensors for monitoring function of prosthetic heart valves: in vitro studies (C Lanning, R Shandas), 2003 (41), 416-424