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Nine Millionth Erasmus+ participant award

Congratulations to Professor Nicolas Pallikarakis who will be awared the prestigious Nine Millionth Erasmus+ participant award at the the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 13 June 2017.
This award is given to those Erasmus+ alumni with an extraordinary Erasmus+ story, who have inspired others to actively contribute to bringing Europe and Europeans closer together, fostered social cohesion, and helped create a better reality within their communities and organisations. In a nutshell, it is given to those whose experience and achievements have set an example for younger generations to embark on an Erasmus+ journey.

We will  be posting more details of the award in due course.

3rd Global Forum on Medical Devices, 10 – 12 May 2017, Geneva


The 3rd Global Forum on Medical Devices will be organized in Geneva, 10 to 12 May 2017, at the Geneva Conference Center.

It will include: plenary , panels, parallel sessions, workshops, exhibition and poster sessions.
These will build on the success of the – 1st Global Forum in Bangkok, 2013 and 2nd Global Forum in Geneva 2013.

Considering that Member States recognized in resolution WHA60.29 and WHA67.20 that medical devices are indispensable for health care delivery but their selection, regulation and use present enormous challenges, the 3rd WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices is to be presented 10 years later to discuss the achievements that have been made in the field and the enormous challenges in low and middle income countries. This will also serve as an opportunity to share the WHO EMP strategy in the framework of Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Call for participation in Scientific Challenge – ICBHI 2017

Dear Researcher,

We kindly invite you to participate in the Scientific Challenge launched within the IFMBE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (ICBHI2017).

This Scientific Challenge aims to encourage the development of algorithms for respiratory sound analysis, that will recognize whether a respiratory cycle contains crackles, wheezes, or crackles and wheezes, or is normal.

To develop solutions for the challenge, participants have access to a respiratory sound database containing various events(e.g., noise, cough, wheezes, crackles) collected from healthy subjects and patients with different respiratory disorders. Clinical experts have annotated these events.

We encourage you to register and submit your solution to the challenge website,as well as to submit a paper related to your solution.
For more information on the procedure and data, as well as rules and deadlines, please see


Latest Edition of IFMBE News Published!

Herbert F. Voigt awarded 2016 National Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AHMB) Outstanding Dedication and Service Award

06 October 2016

AHMB Reception & Award Ceremony, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

IFMBE is proud to announce that our past president, Herbert F. Voigt, has been awarded the 2016 National Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AHMB) Outstanding Dedication and Service Award.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is the International Biomedical Engineering Honor Society. Established in 1979, Alpha Eta Mu Beta was formed to recognize and encourage excellence in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering. Members of Alpha Eta Mu Beta are recognized in an outstanding manner for having conferred honor on their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship, exemplary character, honorable activities, and leadership.

Herbert Voigt, a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, is the 9th recipient of the award, which was presented to him at the AHMB Reception and Award Ceremony on 6 October 2016 following the AHMB Annual Meeting during the Annual Biomedical Engineering Society meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


“I am very honored and grateful to be recognized by the Biomedical Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AHMB), which, for years, I have been referring to as the ‘farm team’ for the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).”

“One of our chief responsibilities to society is to nurture our most precious capital resource, our future generations of biomedical engineering leaders. AHMB represents the very top of engineering college students studying to participate in one of the most important professions of the 21st century.”

Herbert F. Voigt


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