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WC2018 Abstract Submission Extended



Due to a high level of interest from participants, we are pleased to announce that the abstract submission deadline has been extended until November 30, 2017.

For detailed information regarding abstract submission click here.

Please visit the Congress website www.iupesm2018.org for constant updates.


Best regards
Congress Organizing Committee
E-mail: coc@iupesm2018.org

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Call for Nominations 2018

Call for Nominations – IFMBE Officers, IFMBE Ordinary AC Members, IFMBE CoS Chairperson, Regional Representatives to the IFMBE AC & IFMBE Division Members


IFMBE is now seeking nominations for:

  1.  IFMBE Officers’ positions, namely, President-Elect, Secretary-General, and Treasurer, for the 2018-2021 term.
  2. Two (2) Administrative Council (AC) Members to serve two successive terms (2018-2021 and 2021-2024)
    The term of office in the AC for Prof. Maria Siebes and Prof. Mario F. Secca will expire at the World Congress 2018 as they have served two terms: 2012-2015 and 2015-2018; while Prof. Igor Lackovic and Prof. Bruce Wheeler will continue for another term from 2018-2021.
  3. Council of Societies (CoS) Chairperson for the 2018-2021 term.
    The term of office of current CoS Chair Prof. Monique Frize will expire at the World Congress 2018 and the position is eligible for re-election once.
  4. Regional Representatives to the IFMBE AC for the 2018-2021 term. Election will take place at the General Assembly. Election will be for a 3-year term, renewable once. RG Representatives are ex-officio members of the Administrative Council of the IFMBE.  All current regional representatives are eligible for re-election: Prof. Min Wang, Asian-Pacific Region; Prof. Timo Jamsa, Europe and Africa; Mr. Guillermo Avendano, Latin America and Prof. Herbert Voigt, North America.
  5. Eight (8) Division Members to serve for two successive terms (2018-2021 and 2021-2024); consisting of four (4) members for the Clinical Engineering Division (CED) and four (4) members for the Healthcare Technology Assessment Division (HTAD)

The following members will continue their term till 2021:
CED – Tom Judd, Prof. Mladen Poluta and Prof. Paolo Lago
The term of office in the AC for Prof. Ernesto IADANZA, Prof. Saide CALIL, Prof. Tony EASTY and Prof. Ewa ZALEWSKA will expire at the World Congress 2018 as they have served two terms: 2012-2015 and 2015-2018.
HTAD – Prof. Marjan HUMMEL, Prof. Mario MEDVEDEC and Prof. Lennart PHILIPSON.
The term of office in the AC for Prof. Nicolas Pallikarakis, Prof. Patricia Trbovich, Mladen POLUTA and Prof. Leandro Pecchia will expire at the World Congress 2018 as they have served two terms: 2012-2015 and 2015-2018.

Each Society may nominate any of their delegates interested in becoming IFMBE AC Members, Officers, or Division (CED or HTAD) Members to become candidates for election. In order for a Society to nominate a candidate, the society must be in good standing with the annual membership dues payment to IFMBE. It is expected that the society contacts the nominated candidate to confirm their willingness to serve in the proposed position. Each candidate must submit a signed document including a photography, a brief biography (not to exceed 200 words), and a position statement (not to exceed 200 words) of potential actions and contributions to IFMBE if elected. Please, use the IFMBE Nomination Form. Once the candidate has met these criteria, the candidate’s information will be passed on to the IFMBE Nomination Committee for review and approval.

The IFMBE Constituent Societies will be announced the names of the nominated candidates with individual biography and position statement for election. The election process will be conducted during the General Assembly at the World Congress 2018 in Prague.




Nominations should be submitted by 25th October 2017  5th December 2017 to:
Prof. KP Lin, Secretary General, IFMBE
Email: kplin@cycu.edu.tw with CC to contact@ifmbe.org

Call for Awards 2018 Now Open!


Nominations may be made by IFMBE entities, affiliated member societies, or a group of at least five distinguished IFMBE members. Nominees must be members of an IFMBE affiliated organization. A Curriculum Vitae is to be submitted together with a half-page biography, a photo, and a one-page write-up on the significant contributions made in relation to the specific criteria for the award for which nomination is made.

Submit all nominations by 25th October 2017 5 December 2017 to:
Prof. Shankar Krishnan, Vice-President, IFMBE
Chair, IFMBE Awards Committee
Email address: ifmbe@yahoo.com

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Edition #100 of IFMBE News Published!

Invitation to Host WC2024

1 June 2017


Dear Colleagues:

The IUPESM World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering is the triennial event of the IOMP and IFMBE. Previous such IUPESM World Congresses have solidified the unifying concepts of the physical and engineering sciences in medicine. The next two World Congresses in Prague 2018 and Singapore 2021 will continue strengthen the co-operation within IUPESM.

At this time, the IUPESM Congress Coordinating Committee (CCC) invites interested countries to submit a “Letter of Interest in Hosting the IUPESM 2024 World Congress” and return it to Associate Professor Howell Round, Secretary General of IUPESM at: secgeniupesm@gmail.com.

The deadline for receipt of this ”Letter of Interest” is 1 December 2017.

Upon receipt of the letter of interest we shall place your country on the list of applicants to host the IUPESM 2024 World Congress. The next step is to submit a complete electronic application to organize the IUPESM 2024 World Congress to Professor Round. The documents for this are appended. Note that applications to host the World Congress must represent both the biomedical engineering and the medical physics National Members from the host country; i.e., nations with only one of these two constituent societies in IOMP and IFMBE are not eligible to host an IUPESM World Congress.

The deadline to submit a complete proposal is 1 February 2018.

The IUPESM Administrative Council expresses concern with the amount of work associated with planning, preparation and management of a World Congress. To address this problem and give “smaller National Members” the opportunity to host IUPESM World Congresses in the future, the IUPESM is preparing to develop capacity to offer support if required. Such support could be in the form of IUPESM organization of the scientific program, help in preparation and running of the Congress, proactive financial support and/or other assistance as requested. Alternatively, groupings of National Members may wish to consider submission of collaborative bids to share the extent of the workload. The level of support, if needed, will be negotiated between the host country and the IUPESM Congress Coordinating Committee prior to the selection voting process in Prague. The written procedures for the selection of the World Congress site are enclosed.

The CCC eagerly awaits your letter of interest and stands prepared to assist you in preparing a proposal that clearly highlights the advantages and potential of your setting for the triennial IUPESM World Congress.

Best wishes,

Kin Yin Cheung
President, IUPESM
Email: kycheung@hksh.com

For more information and to download the Letter of Interest, please visit: