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Call for participation in Scientific Challenge – ICBHI 2017

Dear Researcher,

We kindly invite you to participate in the Scientific Challenge launched within the IFMBE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (ICBHI2017).

This Scientific Challenge aims to encourage the development of algorithms for respiratory sound analysis, that will recognize whether a respiratory cycle contains crackles, wheezes, or crackles and wheezes, or is normal.

To develop solutions for the challenge, participants have access to a respiratory sound database containing various events(e.g., noise, cough, wheezes, crackles) collected from healthy subjects and patients with different respiratory disorders. Clinical experts have annotated these events.

We encourage you to register and submit your solution to the challenge website,as well as to submit a paper related to your solution.
For more information on the procedure and data, as well as rules and deadlines, please see


Applications for internship in WHO open!

The application for internship in the World Health Organisation (WHO) is now open.

The World Health Organization (WHO) as the leader in global public health issues is committed to building future leaders in public health. WHO’s Internship Programme offers a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight in the technical and administrative programmes of WHO.

The duration of WHO internships is between six to twenty four weeks. WHO internships are not paid and all costs of travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the intern candidate.

For more details, visit: http://www.who.int/employment/internship/en/

Updates from WHO


WHO is pleased to present the updated publications on medical devices:

Among others, it includes new French and Spanish versions of the WHO Technical Specifications on Oxygen Concentrators: http://www.who.int/medical_devices/publications/tech_specs_oxygen-concentrators/en/
http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/251752/1/9789242509885-fre.pdf?ua=1 (French)

Updated website on priority medical devices: http://www.who.int/medical_devices/priority/en/
which includes all previous publications and sites on medical devices, in a more organized way, for ease of use.

Important events for 2017

3rd Global Forum on Medical Devices, in Geneva 10-12 May , 2017
Confirmation and more information will follow very soon.


International Conference on advances in Radiation Oncology in Vienna, 20-23 June, 2017 at ICARO2

Nozomu Hoshimiya (1941 – 2017)

1941 – 25 January 2017

Dear colleagues of Biomedical Engineering,

We are sad to announce that our colleague Professor Nozomu Hosimiya passed away on 25 January 2017.

Nozomu Hoshimiya was born in Japan, 1941. He received the Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, in 1969. From 1972 to May 1982, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, Tohoku University. From June 1982 to April 1988, he was a Professor in the Research Institute of Applied Electricity, Hokkaido University. Starting in May 1988, he was a Professor in Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University (Chair of Biomedical Electronics). He was a Vice-President of Tohoku University in 2001–2002. He was the President of Tohoku Gakuin University from 2004 to 2013. He was a chancellor of Tohoku Gakuin (educational institution) in 2007-2015.

His principal fields of interest are the following biomedical engineering fields: functional electrical stimulation (FES) as a neural prosthesis, especially its application to rehabilitation fields; self-organizing neural networks, especially on the recognition and generation of the spatio-temporal patterns; and physiological instrumentation. Dr. Hoshimiya was an Ad-Com Member of the IEEE/EMBS in 1989–1990, and was a founding Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, in 1993–1996. He was also an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Japan Society of Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering, 1991–1995. He has been an AIMBE Fellow since 2002. He was a Vice-President of the Japan Society of Medical and Biological Engineering in 1998–1999. He was a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in 1999–2000, and has also been the President of Japan FES Society since 2004–2005. He has been IEEE Fellow and Life Fellow since 1994, 2008, respectively.

We deeply regrets this loss and sends sincere condolences to Prof. Hoshimiya’s family, friends and students.


IFMBE Administrative Council

Call for Papers – APCBME 2017

Call for Papers – Asia Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (APCBME)

Engineers Australia is hosting the 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (APCBME) in Sydney this July – in conjunction with the Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference (ABEC). Engineers Australia recognises the diverse nature of the work of biomedical engineers and is looking to celebrate this during these joint conferences in 2017. These events will bring together all branches of biomedical engineering into one venue to focus on the role engineering has to play in improving health care outcomes.

The conference committee is currently calling for papers and expect to attract some exciting speakers from Australia and abroad. This opportunity provides you with a unique platform from which to reach a high profile, highly targeted audience of leading professionals.

For more information on the conference and how you can submit your abstract or paper visit apcmbe17.com

Latest Edition of IFMBE News Published!

Herbert F. Voigt awarded 2016 National Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AHMB) Outstanding Dedication and Service Award

06 October 2016

AHMB Reception & Award Ceremony, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

IFMBE is proud to announce that our past president, Herbert F. Voigt, has been awarded the 2016 National Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AHMB) Outstanding Dedication and Service Award.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is the International Biomedical Engineering Honor Society. Established in 1979, Alpha Eta Mu Beta was formed to recognize and encourage excellence in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering. Members of Alpha Eta Mu Beta are recognized in an outstanding manner for having conferred honor on their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship, exemplary character, honorable activities, and leadership.

Herbert Voigt, a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, is the 9th recipient of the award, which was presented to him at the AHMB Reception and Award Ceremony on 6 October 2016 following the AHMB Annual Meeting during the Annual Biomedical Engineering Society meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


“I am very honored and grateful to be recognized by the Biomedical Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AHMB), which, for years, I have been referring to as the ‘farm team’ for the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).”

“One of our chief responsibilities to society is to nurture our most precious capital resource, our future generations of biomedical engineering leaders. AHMB represents the very top of engineering college students studying to participate in one of the most important professions of the 21st century.”

Herbert F. Voigt


Read more >> AHMB News Release