World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

The major International Conference of the Federation is now titled the World Congress.


Meetings of the Federation are combined with those of the Organization for medical Physics (IOMP) and co-ordinated by the Conference Co-ordinating Committee of the International Union for Physics and Engineering Sciences in Medicine (IUPESM).


The Congresses are scheduled on a three-year basis and aligned with Federation’s General Assembly meeting at which elections are held.

Application to host the World Congress

Applications to host the World Congress must be submitted jointly by the local IFMBE and IOMP affiliates, indicating their mutual commitment in the planning, preparation and financial management of the World Congress.
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Upcoming World Congress

WC 2018 | Prague, Czech Republic

Important Dates:

December 15, 2017 Extended to January 31, 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline

January 10, 2018
Authors Notification of Abstract Acceptance
(abstracts submitted on or before December 15)

February 20, 2018
Authors Notification of Abstract Acceptance
(abstracts submitted from December 20 to January 31)

January 31, 2018
Full Papers Submission Deadline

WC 2021 | Singapore

Past World Congress

I 1958 Paris France
II 1959 Paris France
III 1960 London United Kingdom
IV 1961 New York U.S.A.
V 1963 Liege Belgium
VI 1965 Tokyo Japan
VII 1967 Stockholm Sweden
VIII 1969 Chicago U.S.A.
IX 1971 Melbourne Australia
X 1973 Dresden DDR
XI* 1976 Ottawa Canada
XII* 1979 Jerusalem Israel
XIII* 1982 Hamburg Germany
XIV* 1985 Helsinki Finland
XV** 1988 San Antonio U.S.A.
XVI** 1991 Kyoto Japan
XVII** 1994 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
XVIII** 1997 Nice France
XIX** 2000 Chicago U.S.A.
XX** 2003 Sydney Australia
XXI** 2006 Seoul Korea
XXII 2009 Munich Germany
XXIII 2012 Beijing China
XXIV 2015 Toronto Canada

* In association with the International Organization for Medical Physics.
** World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering.

IFMBE Policy on Awarding Other International Conferences

The IFMBE Policies and Procedures describe the way IFMBE awards International Conferences other than the World. This document describes also Association with International/Regional Conferences or Special Symposia and Seminars.

Conference Application Form