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IFMBE Travel Awards


  1. The goals of the program are: to assist medical and biological engineers from IFMBE member organizations in developing countries to participate in the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (IUPESM WC 2015) and help them to become more effective in promoting the advancement of medical and biological engineering in their own countries; and to foster international co‐operation in the field of biomedical engineering between all member countries of the lFMBE.
  2. An award of $1,000 to $3,000 depending on travel distance shall be made to each successful applicant to partially cover the registration fee and travel expenses to attend the WC2015 in Toronto, Canada.
  3. To be considered for the award, please complete the application form (posted below) and submit the completed form following the instructions provided.



Candidates who comply with all the mandatory requirements shall be assessed and scored according to the evaluation criteria shown below.

A. Mandatory Requirements

  1. The applicant must be a medical, clinical, or biological engineer from an IFMBE member organization.
  2. Application must be submitted through the IFMBE national organization by email, or counter signed by the officer.
  3. National organization must have paid the IFMBE membership dues or exempted from payment.
  4. Except for certain regions underserved, the applicant must personally give a presentation for which he/she is a first author.
  5. Maximum number of IFMBE awards is determined based on the biomedical engineering population of the country on record. For example, if a society has two IFMBE delegates, the maximum number of awards is two.
  6. To receive an IFMBE award, the applicant must have not received any previous World Congress or ICMP Travel Assistance.
  7. After the Congress all awardees shall within two months each submit a short report to the IFMBE Secretary‐General on what was accomplished personally and on behalf of the national organization, with copies to the same email addresses as the application was sent, including the national organization official.

B. Evaluation Criteria

  1. Quality and number of abstracts accepted for presentation at WC2015.
  2. Engineers from resource-poor countries (where the applicant works) will be given higher priority.
  3. Engineers in the first five years of their career may be given higher priority.
  4. Value of attending WC2015 for applicant and national organization as judged by descriptions put forward by the applicant under the Motivation section. Applicant is an official of an IIFMBE national organization or is designated the proxy of the official, or has been invited to give special presentations in WC2015 may be given special considerations.

For information about the WC2015 to be held in Toronto, Canada, please go to
To submit an abstract, please go to

>> Download Application Form

Application form and a copy of the abstract(s) submitted to WC2015 congress website must reach IFMBE Secretary General on or before February 15, 2015 by email: