Council of Societies

The Council of Societies (CoS) serves as the main communication and feedback channel between the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) and its Constituent Societies.

The CoS members, consisting of one IFMBE General Assembly (GA) delegate from each Constituent IFMBE Society, are thus a subset of the IFMBE General Assembly (GA).

The CoS generally holds annual meetings that are less formal in procedures than the IFMBE GA. The CoS is subdivided into CoS Regional Groups, which are expected to meet independently in the respective Regions. The Regional Group Representatives are considered activators of initiatives, mainly, but not exclusively, related to their Region of the world and conveyors of information to and from the IFMBE Administrative Council (AC), in which they have a seat.

Committee Members


Monique FRIZE, Canada


Past Chair

Andrel LINNENBANK, The Netherlands


Members / Regional Group Representatives

Region 1 | Asian-Pacific: Min WANG, Hong Kong
Region 2 | Europe-Africa: Timo JÄMSÄ, Finland
Region 3 | Latin-America: Guillermo Avendaño C., Chile
Region 4 | North-America: Herbert F. Voigt, III, USA


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Past Committees

2012 – 2015








Members / Regional Group Representatives

Region 1 | Asian-Pacific: Professor Yubo Fan, China
Region 2 | Europe-Africa: Professor Birgit Glasmacher, Germany
Region 3 | Latin-America: Professor Eric Lacier Leber, Argentina
Region 4 | North-America: Professor Monique Frize, Canada





Mário Forjaz SECCA



Secretaries or Reps of Member Societies