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IUPESM President's Call for Innovation Papers – Due 6 March 2015

President’s Call for Innovative Papers & Abstracts &
A Summit on the Future of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering



The IUPESM World Congress (WC) on Medical Physics (MP) and Biomedical Engineering (BME) comes but once every three years. WC2015 will be in Toronto from June 7-12. This WC will be the largest gathering of MPs and BMEs from 86 countries. In looking at the content of the meeting, it occurs to me that this is truly a unique opportunity to discuss important Global issues, e.g., Global Health, Food and Water Safety, EnvirVoigt_Herbertonmental toxins, Personalized Medicine, Brain-Machine interfaces, Education and Outreach, etc. When together, we will be able to discuss the Global Challenges we face now and those our children will face. We are working with WHO to address many of these issues. Do you want to work with WHO? I am therefore calling for new abstract and paper submissions to WC2015 that will be aligned with our 19 Scientific Program tracks, but, in addition will address the Global Challenges within these tracks. In addition, I am looking for novel models of BME and MP academic and training programs. I am also looking for novel Outreach programs. Your abstracts and papers will receive the same peer review and accepted full papers will be published in the same World Congress Proceedings.

Working in Peru, these past few months, on creating a new BME undergraduate curriculum, I have come to understand the potential economic engine fueling the development of nations that results from education MPs and BMEs. Education is essential, but scientific and engineering education can accelerate the nation development. In many developing countries, there are no physicists or engineers in clinical settings; in developed nations, physicists and engineers are losing their positions in hospitals. This is becoming a serious issue all over the world. Therefore, we are calling a Summit on the Future of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. We invite abstracts and papers that will address this issue.

Herbert F. Voigt, Ph.D.
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Boston University
President, IUPESM
Fulbright Scholar, 2014-15